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Outreach Paramedics are a UK based non-profit organisation made up entirely of unpaid volunteers, paramedics and other health professionals.

Our aim is to provide ambulances, medical aid and volunteer HCPC registered Paramedics, in order to deliver medical relief in a humanitarian crisis.



We are very proud to have completed multiple missions to Ukraine to support their emergency services. So far, we have donated three ambulances, 3 tonnes of medical supplies, visited 18 fire stations in order to train 516 firefighters in prehospital emergency care. Our work continues and we are continually evolving in order to respond to the current emergency medical needs of Ukraine. 

To read more about our past missions, see: 

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Give your time

We are always looking for volunteers from all walks of life. Find out more about how you can help by donating your time.

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Corporate Support

Your company can help

Support from companies is vital. Your donations help us to respond faster to crises.


What we're doing

Find out more about our active campaigns sending critical medical equipment and paramedics to help in humanitarian crises.

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Follow & help us fundraise

Fundraising is a vital part of our operations, and we are always looking for support with this.


Sarkar Tactical

Outreach Paramedics would like to extend special thanks and are extremely excited to announce our newly formed partnership with Sarkar Tactical who will be supporting our team in Ukraine and future causes.

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Contact Us

Any enquiries?

We are a friendly organistaion, so please feel free to get in touch if you would like to work together.
Or perhaps you have medical supplies to donate?

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