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Together we can make a difference

We cannot do the work we do without your support. From financial donations, to medical supplies and even donated vehicles, every contribution enables us to continue helping those in need.


​Support from companies is vital to us, as your donations help enable us to act and respond quicker in an emergency. It also enables us to sustain our efforts and to establish our longer term goals.

A partnership with us can bring many benefits to your company, while, most importantly, helping to save the lives of people affected by conflict, natural disasters, and epidemics.

  • Uniting your employees around a shared goal of providing emergency medical aid in the world's forgotten crises

  • Defining your company’s identity as a purpose-driven brand, helping you to stand out and to differentiate you from others 

  • Responding to crises in the countries where you are working.


Long-term partnerships

​We start all our partnerships by getting to know you and your company, whether through picking up the phone or going for a coffee.

We want to understand you and your company and explore how we can build a partnership. We work closely with our partners to build meaningful long-term relationships.


Why your donation matters

​Thank you for considering funding Outreach Paramedics and for playing a part in helping people in need around the globe.

Private funding allows Outreach Paramedics to provide essential medical assistance to people affected by conflict, natural disasters, epidemics and neglected diseases. We ensure that your contribution 

Every penny is auditable, and we ensure that donations are spent carefully in order to maximise benefit. 

We maintain complete independence from all political, economic or religious powers.  This independence is vital in gaining access to the many places where we may work.

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Donate Today

100 percent of our donations come from people like you.

Meaning we can deliver medical care to the people who need it most.
Any amount is much appreciated.

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