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Active & Future Missions

Please find more information below on active and upcoming Outreach Paramedics campaigns.

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Ukraine Appeal

We are Outreach Paramedics, a recently formed UK based organisation made up entirely of unpaid volunteers whose aim is to provide paramedis, medical aid, equipment & ambulances in response to a crisis.

On the 22nd January, a team of volunteers from Outreach Paramedics will be driving two ambulances stocked full of medical supplies, to Ukraine. Our paramedics and volunteers will then tour Ukraine, to train the state fire service in pre-hospital emergency care, trauma and life support.

In addition to their normal fire and rescue duties, the Ukrainian state fire service are responding to more and more medical emergencies without much medical training. They are extricating severly injured patients from the frontline, and dealing with civilian casualties throughout the war-torn country. The state service have requested medical training to improve their knowledge and skills, and we are happy to oblige.

We desperately need your support to do this though. If you can donate, please please do. Any funds raised that are not utilised on this first mission will be utilised on subsequent missions, providing medical aid and equipment to those in need.

Funds will also be used to establish long term aims of Outreach Paramedics. Please note, Outreach Paramedics are a not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. Every penny donated will go towards helping those in need.

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