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Schools for Ukraine

Find out all about Outreach Paramedics 'Schools for Ukraine' initiative, what's going on and how your school can get involved to raise money for Outreach Paramedics Ukraine Appeal.

Outreach Paramedics are running a 'Schools for Ukraine' initiative, all proceeds of which will go towards our current Ukraine Appeal.

Outreach Paramedics are contacting and calling upon all schools in Cornwall (and beyond) to get involved on our 'Schools for Ukraine' initiative.  So far, we have received a positive response from the schools we have contacted to this date, with up to six schools expressing their interest in raising money.

Whether it be by non school uniform days, cake bake sales, sponsored walks, raffles, school Fete's and other competitions.  Outreach Paramedics are asking schools to take part in helping raise money for our Ukraine appeal.     

As you will be aware, the war in Ukraine has taken the lives of many, caused mass displacement as well as other deprivations.  One of those issues, is the heart-breaking number of homeless mothers giving birth prematurely due to stress.

In response, we hope to raise money to put towards an ambulance, neonatal and medical supplies to help with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. particularly related with pregnant mothers giving birth prematurely.

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