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Our Partnerships

Together we can make a difference

We cannot do the work we do without your support. From financial donations, to medical supplies and even donated vehicles, every contribution matters.

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About Sarkar Tactical

Sarkar Tactical specializes in design, manufacture and supply of EOD equipment, Ballistic Helmets, Body Armor, and Tactical Technology products and are kindly supporting our team with the necessary safety equipment whilst in Ukraine.


Where Sarkar Operates

Their entire portfolio of ballistic protection equipment is made in factories located in Glasgow, UK.

Their Ballistic Vests and Helmets are in service with more than 20 armed forces including the US Marine Corps, US Army, Spanish Navy, US Navy, US and UK Police Forces and the UN.

In addition to this, their tactical equipment and body armor are in service with armed and security forces in over 40 countries.


Sarkar Tactical & Outreach Paramedics Working Together

In addition to kitting out our team with Ballistic Helmets and Body Armor, Sarkar Tactical has an extensive product, service, and training portfolio and will be providing Outreach Paramedics with the necessary training for their equipment.

With a proven track record of providing military, law enforcement and other Government agencies around the world, a single-source turn-key solution to meet any requirement with the highest quality service, at the best possible value.


Thanking Sarkar Tactical

Thanking Sarkar Tactical for their specialist knowledge and equipment

The safety of all Outreach Paramedics volunteers is extremely important and is a factor of our work we place great importance on.  Outreach Paramedics are extremely grateful Sarkar Tactical answered the call.  As a direct result of this partnership, together, we look forward to being able to make the greatest impact possible, where it is most needed.


Donate Today

100 percent of our donations come from people like you.

Meaning we can deliver medical care to the people who need it most.
Any amount is much appreciated.

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